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Training - Professional Development

Learn how to use puppets in your teaching or therapy

Puppets for Learning presents sessions at early childhood conferences and visits schools, services and therapy centres to train staff. Training is tailored to your needs.

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Kindergarten staff?  Yes, you can use your SCHOOL READINESS FUNDING!

(Victorian Kindergartens)

Our workshop Using Puppets for Social and Emotional Learning is included in the School Readiness Funding Menu of evidence-informed programs and supports (the Menu).

If you are formulating your School Readiness Plan for your kindergarten, you may wish to discuss our training and what we can offer your centre.  We can either come to YOU or you can attend one of our Melbourne-based workshops - or the Zoom options have become popular. We can run these over two sessions in the late afternoon or evening. 

Get in touch! Simply submit an enquiry form below. 


We cater to your training needs

Topics include: 

(Early Childhood to Early Primary School).

* Promoting Speech and Language*

* Enhancing Emotional Wellbeing* 

* Encouraging Appropriate Social Interactions*

* Exploring Feelings*

* Behavioural Support* 

* Developing PreLiteracy or Early Literacy Skills*

Lucia Smith from Puppets for Learning has presented for many varied services and has been invited to present at many conferences across Australia. These have included: 

  • Uniting Care Gippsland Early Years Conference, Traralgon.

  • City of Yarra Early Years Conference, Melbourne.

  • Newcastle Early Years Conference.

  • Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation Literacy Festival.

  • Kooliang Dental Health Service, Mornington Peninsula, Vic.

  • Educator’s Big Day Out, NSW.

  • Victor Harbor Autism Conference.

  • BestChance Conference.

  • Geelong Wool Museum. Geelong, Victoria.

  • Orbost Early Learning Centre. 

  • Peninsula Health Allied Health.

  • Centacare, Adelaide. 

  • Learning and Education Australia Conference, Melbourne. 

  • Together We Grow, Early Learning Association Australia Conference, Melbourne. 

  • Special Education Resource Unit, SERU EXPO, Adelaide.

  • Orbost Preschool, East Gippsland, Victoria.

Yes, my centre wants to host a training day!


Please fill your details below. Remember if you do not want to host, you can attend one of our Zoom series or face-to-face training days in Melbourne. 

Check it out here.

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