Social Puppets is a brilliant program from Pelican Talk Speech Therapy Resources that is perfect for young children (preschoolers to first year of school). Using two puppets, the program explores 25 typical social situations common to young children. Its emphasis, however, is not simply teaching children to learn a routine of behaviour, but really developing the social understanding and the notions of emphathy and theory of mind that underpin successful social interactions. You can view just one of the 25 scenarios ("Taking Turns") here. Popular for use with children who have social difficulties including children who have autism spectrum disorder. The program comes with: A USB flashdrive (containing 25 scripts, tips for teaching, certificates) and two puppets (a girl and a boy - 35.5 cm tall) from the Boy and Girl Puppet category. You can purchase extra puppets at $56 each. Choose from BOYS:  Ned, Bobby