About Me


In the Seventies…

As a child, I was totally obsessed with the Muppets. In fact, for a while there, I wanted to BE Miss Piggy when I grew up…

Twenty years later, I started making puppets and performing shows with friend, Lee Crothers. Looly Puppet Productions, as it was called,  honed many of the skills that I use when I now work with children.

When finally I graduated as a speech language pathologist in 1993, I found that working with children was a great excuse for buying  and making more puppets. My interest in using puppets in a more therapeutic sense ( and my collection)  began to expand.

Today, in my clinical practice,  I spend a lot of my time with my hand up a puppet and I think for this reason, kids just LOVE coming to therapy sessions. Even a boring assessment session can be made easier with the help of a puppet…  For many of my sessions, it is the child that is using the puppet, not me.

Lucia and Puppets

Today…in the Caravan of Puppets!


In addition, to working clinically in schools and preschools, I also write and illustrate for Pelican Talk Speech Therapy Resources and Love and Reilly. I frequently conduct training sessions for parents and professionals on a range of topics, one of my favourites being how to use puppets successfully in teaching and therapy.I hope you also  learn to love puppets as much as I do!  On this website, you’ll find lots of freebies to download, ideas to inspire and information on the Puppets for Learning workshops . There is also a selection of wonderful, carefully selected puppets to purchase.

Go on – get your hand up a puppet!